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Production Capacity



Capacity 300 kg GMP Model

Dual anchor agitator

Online colloidal mill/micronizer

Equiped with CIP & SIP facility

Hydraulic lid lifting for mfg.   vessel

Bottom Homogenizer.

Fully/ semi automatic operation

cGMP with documentation.



Capacity 5 kg to 500 kg.
Top mounted homogeniser.
Lid lifting/tilting arrangement provided.
Dual speed for anchor & single speed for homogeniser.
cGMP with documentation.


Capacity 30 to 80 tubes per minute depend upon fill capacity.
Suitable for aluminium /plastic tubes.
Easy change over from metal tube to plastic tube.
Jacketted hopper/ stirrer provided

Liquid Injection Manufacturing

The manufacturing department is equipped with Manufacturing vessels with a capacity of 3000 ltr output Per Shift.

The Washing Department is equipped with Automatic Linear vial washing Machine, ampoule jet Washing Machine.

Liquid Injection Filling

Two Automatic vial Filling Machines.

Two Automatic Ampoule Filling Machines.

Parenteral Liquid sections is centrally air conditioned With Pre filter, HEPA filter & Air Handling Unit to Maintain proper sterile condition according to World Health Organization-Good Manufacturing Practices standards.

Liquid Injection Packing

Two Automatic vial Labelling Machine.
Two Automatic Ampoule Labelling Machine
Output is around 200000 units per day.


Laborate has an excellent tablet manufacturing facility with around 100 million tablets capacity per month.

We Manufacture : Uncoated Tablets, Film Coated Tablets, enteric Coated Tablets, Sugar Coated Tablets.




This Department has :-
    • Sifting
    • Drying
    • Sizing Facility

    Comprises of :-

    • 600 ltrs. Capacity Rapid Mixer Granulator.
    • 250 Kgs, 120 Kgs.Capacity Fluidized Bed Drier.
    • 890 Kgs Octagonal Blender

All together gives output of 2300-2500 kgs. granules per shift.



The Compression department has:-

Single rotary compression machines
Double rotary compression machines
Both Machines are 16,27,35 station models.

To altogether gives an output of 3.0 million tablets per Shift.



The unique coating facility enables Laborate to get a good quality of film & sugar coated tablets.

The Department has:-
The 36" coating pans.
One 60" pan especially for sugar coating.
Gives a total output of 3.0 million coated tablets per day.


EYES AND EAR DROPSLaborate is a pioneer in the field of EYE/EAR Drops segment of the global Pharmaceutical Market.

We have established a niche market by offering Innovative Products with attractive packaging.

EYE/EAR Drops are available in Innovative Plastic 10ml Vials.

Laborate has an excellent Capsule Manufacturing facility to manufacture
Capsules of various sizes.

Laborate manufactures capsules in sizes "0", "2" & "3".

Laborate's products range in capsules cover the following Therapeutic Categories:-

              Analgesic             Anti-inflammatory
              Antibiotics            Multivitamins etc.
The capsule-Filling department is equipped with
One Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Two semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machines
All together this gives on output of 1.0 million Capsules per day
The packing Department is equipped with
Five Double Tracks Blister Packing Machines
Three Double Tracks strip Packing machines
This gives a total output of 3.0 million units per shift

Dry injection

Complete Segregation of -lactam & non -Lactam Areas.

Maintenance of Sterile area with HEPA filter along with the Laminar air flow and U.V.Lamps.

Equipped with Jet Vial washing Machines, Dry Heat Sterilizer, automatic Vial Filling Machine & Automatic Vial Labelling Machine.

Output of around 120000 vials per day.


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